General FAQs

Does your firm do real estate law?

We do not do real estate transactions, but we work with organizations in real estate, such as multiple listing services (MLSs) and other associations, different brokerages, software technology providers, etc. We help these companies draft agreements that they can provide to their clients to provide the rights to their intellectual property and how that information can be licensed and used.

Can you help me take my case to court?

Our team at Neumann & Associates is strictly transactional, which means we do not go to court. We are not litigators, but we can help you be proactive with your business, ensuring your company complies with all necessary legal regulations and requirements at any step of business formation, process, or transactions.

Business Transactions and Contracts

Can you help me get out of an unfavorable contract?

Contracts are legally binding agreements. If you come to us with a contract you have already signed, you cannot get out of this contract. However, if you come to us before you sign a contract, we can help you go through the contract to ensure you agree with every provision listed and that no issues or disputes will arise in the future.

Data privacy

Once we work together to make sure my company’s data is private and secure, will I need to do anything else?

This is a good question. Yes, we will need to continue our relationship to continue updating and working on your data privacy systems to make sure they are always in compliance with the constantly-changing local, state, and federal laws.

Copyright and trademark

What is the difference between copyright and trademark?

Copyright allows individuals and businesses to protect an original work of authorship that is more tangible than just an idea. A trademark, however, is a word, slogan, image, or logo that signifies goods and services provided by certain companies and distinguishes them from other companies. Our office can help your company with both copyright and trademark issues and licensing.

Technology and data licensing

What types of technology and data systems need to be licensed?

While the law differs for each type of business, our firm can help you with technology licensing and software and database licensing, as well as crafting licensing negotiations and agreements, terms of use and end-user license agreements, and website development and service agreements.

Policy counsel

Can I hire you to work directly as in-house counsel for my company?

No, but for many of our clients we serve like general in-house counsel. They can call on us for legal services and advice any time that they need us, but we do not work full-time for the company.

Corporate and business organization

I am starting a new business. Can you help me?

Yes, our services include helping small and medium-sized businesses with business formation and organization. We can help you create bylaws, operating agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, and ensure you have the information you need to move your business forward and make good decisions.

I own a business but am making changes (acquisition, merger, etc.). Can you help me?

Yes, our services also include helping businesses with all types of operations. Our team of attorneys has significant experience helping companies with all types of business transactions and agreements, human resources matters (such as employee manuals and conduct investigations, hiring/firing protocols, and social media policies), and online presence and data privacy requirements.

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