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Technology and Data Licensing Attorney

Your business’ data is a valuable asset that must be protected. One of the best ways to protect its value, maintain control, and potentially earn profits is through licensing.

At Neumann & Associates, we can help you through the complex issues that arise in licensing, licensing negotiations, and licensing agreements.

Data Licensing Services

Data licensing has implications in technology, copyright, brands, trade dress, content, data and databases, hardware/software, cloud storage, and government contracting.

To this end, we offer many technology and data licensing services including:
  • Technology licensing
  • Software and database licensing
  • Licensing negotiations and agreements
  • Terms of use and end-user license agreements
  • Website development and service agreements

Working with Real Estate Organizations

At Neumann & Associates, we have extensive experience assisting multiple listing services, Associations of REALTORS®, real estate technology vendors, and brokerages navigate the intellectual property landscape in a constantly changing, technology intensive industry.

We have broad knowledge and experience in:
  • Data licensing
  • Corporate governance
  • Real estate law and regulatory compliance
  • Antitrust law
  • Intellectual property
  • Current industry trends

How Neumann & Associates Can Help

Neumann & Associates offers special insight into these types of technological business questions. Our unique background and experience allows our firm to offer proven methods to negotiate and prepare licenses, development agreements, and distribution arrangements of all types.

We also regularly counsel clients on other related topics, including:
  • Business models
  • Development policies
  • Audit procedures
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Business models
  • Development policies
  • Audit procedures
  • Risk mitigation strategies

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